Give Yourself The Transition You Deserve

with Trans Kung Fu: Awakening Self Acceptance by Transgender Coach Ashley Adamson

Learn the psychological secrets behind a healthy transition from Transgender coach and YouTuber Ashley Adamson.

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You Don't Have To Figure Out Your Transition Alone

Hi :) I'm Ashley Adamson

When I started my transition at 32, I had no idea I would end up spending more than 10,000 hours on this process: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

 What I learned changed my life and freed me from the shame, confusion, and fear that I had been carrying with me.

 Today, I am a successful Trans YouTuber, living openly and happily as myself. Still, I see people every day who are suffering from the same problems and anxieties that made my transition so painful and difficult.

 That’s why I wrote this comprehensive guide: I want you to thrive in transition and arrive at the state of belonging, comfort, and joy that you deserve. 

 In Trans Kung Fu I’ll teach you how to:

  • Leave shame behind with radical self-acceptance
  • Explore your deepest feelings - psychologically and spiritually
  • Become fearless by tapping into your personal power
  • Envision and become the person you truly want to be
  • Avoid the biggest transition mistakes you don’t know you’re making
  • Relax into transition with affirming meditations and practices
  • Turn your greatest challenges into opportunities for growth

You don't have to do this alone. I've got you.

Here is What Readers Are Saying

"I will say your book has been invaluable so far... when I’m going through the super dysphoric times it feels like support. Reading your personal stories makes me feel not so alone. I really appreciate both aspects equally. I have a feeling I am going to be reading this over and over again throughout my transition. I’m super appreciative for the work you have done here."


"I just read your book! Kung fu. And it felt like you were directly talking to me lol. It was so helpful that I think it saved my life :) I was in so much pain before reading it. Thank you for you! I don’t have any supporters and having your channel and your book has been a great gift 😊 please keep sharing."


"Ashley's writing is in a very psychological, very therapeutic, and mindfulness mindset. This is why I love this book. Anyone who watches my channel knows I barely plug a book. I really love this book, I highly recommend."

Dr. Z,
Clinical Psychologist

Trans Kung Fu: Awakening Self-Acceptance

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