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Embracing Femininity 3: Gatekeeper Workshop

Embracing Femininity 3: Gatekeeper Workshop

Embracing Femininity 3: Gatekeeper Workshop

Product description


I could say 'embrace femininity' but that wouldn’t do much right?

This is the beautiful thing about this program, it’s about building a skill. I could just say “accept yourself” and “embrace your femininity” but that wouldn’t do much right? Instead, each section provides an active engaged meditation practice that walks you into a deep state where you can learn about how all the parts in your awareness, energy body, and consciousness work together to form your feminine experience. It is a big under taking and so I have divided it into sections so that you can pace yourself and choose how you want to go.

This program is designed in 4 steps to embracing your femininity. Each step builds off of the skills learned in the previous course so you learn to develop the skills necessary to embrace your femininity.

The Steps and Framework

Introduction to Embracing Femininity Workshop



3: The Gatekeeper

Now that you've learned the fundamentals in being present with your heart and listening to your knowing you are now ready to approach the third stage.


The gatekeeper.

Some people call it internalised transphobia, I call it the gatekeeper because I do not believe we need to be opposition with ourselves. There are times to fight and other times to find peaceful ways of working with ourself.

The gatekeeper is the part of you that holds back the feminine part of you. For me this felt like my princess me was on one side of the river and on the other side was my day-to-day self trying to build the bridges to get her across the river.

You know that feeling where you feel like "she" emerges from you and then you feel an instinctual pull back? That's your true self and your gatekeeper. 

This module will help you discover new levels of femininity you have never thought possible. 

In this module you'll learn:

  • How to find the last doorway to letting your true self emerge.
  • How to witness your most divine feminine version of you.
  • How to emerge into your most beautiful self.

In this module you'll get:

  • A video workshop to build knowledge.
  • A series of questions and reflections for you to process in your journal.
  • A full guided meditation with Ashley to connect with your heart.
  • Bonus! This comes with 30 day email support from Ashley.