Set her free by learning to embrace your femininity.

What is feminine energy? You can put on makeup and a dress, but that doesn’t make you more feminine.

I’ve discovered that femininity doesn’t come from emulation, but from somewhere deep within, and this energy wants to be expressed. Embracing Femininity helps you develop the mental and emotional tools to discover, explore, and work through the blocks preventing you from accessing your feminine energy, so you can transform. 

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If you’re wondering how to be more feminine, the answer is that your femininity is innate. Let’s find a way to let it grow and thrive.

When I first began transitioning, my biggest source of pain was feeling like my femininity was restricted to my own mind. I felt frustrated waking up and still feeling like a masculine figure wearing a dress. I enjoyed my moments of feminine bliss, but found they just weren’t coming frequently enough as I worked towards discarding the masculine version of me to make space for the feminine.

Learn how to embrace your femininity, and save time.

I’ve experimented with all kinds of personal growth techniques, energetic practices, and mindfulness approaches during my transition over the past three and a half years. While not all methods have succeeded (and I’ll explain why), I’ve discovered what works for me in the process, and what might work for you too. 

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I could dispense advice for trans women, but that wouldn’t do very much—right?

The most beautiful thing about Embracing Femininity is that it builds a skill set. Each section is anchored by an actively engaged walk through a deep meditative state. Once in this state, you can learn how your awareness, energy body, and consciousness work together to form your feminine experience. It’s a big undertaking, so I’ve broken it up into sections optimized for pacing yourself. 

Embracing Femininity guides you through four key steps, with each new step building off the skills learned in the previous course. The program requires effort, perseverance, and practice—in other words, this is inner Kung Fu. Once you complete the steps, TK.

This program is designed in 4 steps to embracing your femininity. Each step builds off of the skills learned in the previous course so you learn to develop the skills necessary to embrace your femininity.

This is a shortcut to embracing your femininity but it does require effort, perseverance, and practice. In other words, this is inner Kung Fu.


Most people don’t want transformation because it’s painful, but if you take the path less travelled, you’ll find within you something far greater than you could have ever imagined. I’m here to tell you that it’s worth it.